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Socket Socks prosthetic covers

Zebra (aka)

Zebra (aka)

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The animal everyone knows the best... The Zebra.  

Fun Fact: Zebras can run up to 65km per hour.  Zebras are Black Animals with White Stripes, and my FAVE "Fun Fact" A Group of Zebras is Called a 'Dazzle'.

Prosthetic covers slide on like a pair of socks.  With elasticized top and bottom edges, the cover holds onto the socket... like a glove. 

See the "size chart" in the pictures to choose your size.  Measuring your socket is easy with a measuring tape, measure (front, back, inside, outside, and circumference).  Our fabrics are made with lots of stretch.

YOUTH COVERS, YES!  Simply add the measurements when checking out in the "notes" section and we will make it to size. 
(Contact us with any questions)


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