Limited Fabrics

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Fabrics on this page (see below) are limited but still in stock, from 1 to 2 yards in total, and then they are gone.

How to order these:
1. send us an email with the name of the fabric you are interested in and confirm we can sew it into a cover for your prosthetic. 

animal print prosthetic sleeve
hawaii design prosthetic covers prosthetic sleeve fire design amputee prosthetic butterfly covers
american flag prosthetic design covers amputee resources prosthetic sleeves coral pink amputee sleeves kids prosthetic covers fish
vacation hawaii amputee covers irish prosthetic covers leopard printed amputee socks animal sleeves amputee
denim printed prosthetic covers cowboy prosthetic covers youth prosthetic covers kids prosthetic sleeves blue
Christmas prosthetic cover fireworks prosthetic sleeves amputee covers sleeves pride rainbows amputee covers
christmas design socks prosthetic sleeves sky design amputee covers zebra prosthetic covers
purple prosthetic socks purple amputee socks purple flower amputee socks tatto prosthetic covers
red pink amputee socks Red prosthetic covers turquoise iron white prosthetic sleeves