“HOT” Resources for Amputees

Amputee Specialist, Physical Therapist

Rated #1 in the US, Cosi Belloso has been working with amputees for over 13 years now. She also has a free live Q&A show every Wednesday. Check out her YouTube too!. Great 2 min videos to get you back on your feet!

Amputee Magazine

“A Magazine specifically for people wanting to learn more about Living Well with Limb Loss”

Swim Fins for your Prosthetic!

Amp Fins are designed to attach directly to your prosthetic, replacing your foot for a… Fin!

Uses: swimming laps for rehabilitation, scuba diving, distance swim races…


Inclusive Fashion 101

New company and GREAT products for people with all disabilities.

“Their long pants with the inseam zipper, priceless!”

Skin Care system 101

Taking care of your limb should be priority #1. Learn about these awesome products that have changed my life as an amputee.

Information, Support & Education

AAA’s mission is to make outpatient physical and occupational therapy possible for amputees needing financial support while promoting wellness in body, mind and spirit.