How do I measure my socket?

Video shows a Below Knee Symes cover, measure the socket for your type of prosthesis... How to Measure Video

How do I know what size to order?

Each product has a link or photo of the size chart.  After measuring your socket choose which size suits YOU.  Our fabrics have a generous stretch.
1. If your measurements do not fit in the small or medium, please send us an email and we will custom the cover size for your socket, no extra charge.

I wear a sleeve over my below knee socket, which cover style do I order?

Ordering the Below Knee Sleeve.  This cover fits over your socket and your sleeve with a grip elastic to grip your thigh.  See here how to measure for a below knee "sleeve" cover.

What will my shipping be?

See here for a full details list of Shipping Questions and Answers

Do you have deals for quad amputees or KIDS?