Time to Pivot!

Time to Pivot!

I survived a car accident at age 5.

I survived a life or death dance with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

I survived a amputation surgery in 2018.

I survived the pandemic as a small business owner.

So why do I feel like a mac truck just hit me sideways?

Personal Note:  I started this business in order for me to give back to the amputee world through my dressmaking skills.  With every sale, I saw what this product was doing for amputees around the world, including myself.  It was a win win business.

But when then the pandemic hit, I pivoted and donated my sewing skills to supply masks and gowns to our local hospitals.

It is now 2 years later, the world is getting back to its "new normal".  I am back in the CEO seat of this Socket Socks business venture. 

Besides the CEO hat I also wear the production, shipping and marketing hat... always have.  When you buy a cover from Socket Socks you are supporting small businessps. I am also the live chat on the website.

Although it has been a few tough years and it is still a slow moving, I am in this for the long haul.  As long as one amputee needs a pick me up cover, I am here.  If you want to print a photo of your dog on your cover, I am here.

"I have to be honest, 2 months ago I packed up my studio into one big pile thinking, it was time to let go.  I was ready to pull the plug and walk away. 
Being in business and online, made me vulnerable to creepers and scams.  The amount of devotee's who would contact me was truly getting to me.  I know... "just block it out", but after a while it gets hard to block that.

What did I do?  I booked a flight HOME to spend time with my dad and the beautiful salt air of Hawaii.  Being home and having nothing on my plate for 3 weeks was exactly what I needed.  Oh, and maybe a little wine, surfing and a few macrame projects (CelticKnots.ca). 

I have come to the conclusion I can't give up.  

I WILL NOT let the negative take over, after all I AM an amputee right, lol. 

We adapt and pivot every second of our lives, and it's ok to quit some days as long as you get back up the next.  

Thank you for those of you who have ordered covers over the past two years, you kept me going when I wanted to stop.  Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm in this product.

A special thank you to Cosi Talks for ALWAYS ALWAYS being there every Wednesday for her free live chat on FB.  It was sometimes my only connection with other amputees.  Cheers to you Chica xoxo

Will you help me? I need your help.

Lets spread the word... Socket Socks is an affordable, fun, positive way we can express ourselves with our prosthetic device.  Share this post on your social media, in your support groups and with your prosthetist of course.

With every share and referral I would love to send you a special discount code.  Share to FB or IG, and tag me for your discount code.  If you did and have not heard from me, send me a email.

Cheers & Aloha

Joan MacDonald
CEO, Amputee, Marketing Director, Shipping Agent, Production Lead...

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