Prosthetic fin foot, what?

Prosthetic fin foot, what?

Do you love scuba diving but have struggle getting around with your prosthetic and no fin. Or get frustrated trying to keep your fin on your prosthetic foot, making it harder to push with your limb?
Meet AmpFin, they have created a finned foot that is custom-made to attach directly to your socket. This way you can use your limb to push your fin and propel you through the water, vs your limp pushing your prosthetic that pushes the fin. What an amazing workout it is. Be sure to ask your prosthetist on your next visit. For Transtibial and Transfemoral (below knee and above knee amputees).

AmpFin’s are awesome for PT after amputation, helping you to swim with ease. Using an AmpFin helps to build up the muscle in your limb. If this was on your prescription the next time you are due for a new socket, give them a try. They should be a must foot for all amputees.

As a new amputee, I can’t wait to get one. What color would you get for your fin? And what Socket Socks prosthetic cover would you have on to match it?


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