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"Gratitude gives you more things to be grateful for"

Today I am grateful for the freedom to think for myself.  No one dictates what I think about in my life but me. 
But, with that freedom comes the responsibility of what you are thinking about your own self.  
As an amputee with a history of depression and anxiety I have learned one very important thing, I have control over my SELF-TALK.  Self-talk is what you say in your head, what you thinking. 
Question for you, when you are faced with a new task do you think "OMG, I can't do that or I am not strong enough"?  At first we all do, that is a natural human reaction, but if you keep saying in your head "I can't" that new task WILL be much harder than it really is. 
It is easy to self-talk yourself out of doing something.  It is hard to think positive and to hold onto that thought to give you the courage to try.
This quote stands true and will help you today and tomorrow in living a fuller life.  "If you think you can't, you can't. If you think you can, then you can".
I encourage you to practice a new narrative of SELF-TALK.  After you have that OMG thought, then close your eyes and say "I can".  Stand up and own that saying handicapable, we can do it by finding a way to adapt.  If you are trying a new sport, do your research and see what other amputees have done to adapt their bikes or canoes and start there.
Maybe biking or hiking may not be possible with your type of handicapable but use this "positive self-talk" to assist in learning something new today.   
I met an amazing woman named Cosi Belousi who has dedicated her life to helping amputees reach new heights in health and movement.  That is a great place to start and if you have any questions, she is just an email away.  
We are not superhuman physically, but we are humans who have the freedom to think for ourselves.  You can start by practicing a more positive self-talk approach to a new task today.
What your biggest (or smallest) achievement is this summer?
Mine, I was able to walk 2 kilometers yesterday with my new socket.  I am grateful today for taking up that offer from a friend who invited me to join her for a walk.  
Stride with Pride,
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