Amputee Support Groups

Amputee Support Groups

Do you already belong to an online amputee support group?  

I am sharing my “shortlist” with you, these are some of my fave amputee groups on Facebook.

"My List" coming soon

During my first year as an amputee, I joined every group I found or was invited to. I soon learned that some were better than others. I also understood why it is better to only share personal information in “closed” groups. More on that in the Amputee Guide 2.0.

Support groups on Facegroup can be a great place to learn about new prosthetic feet, or exercises for learning to walk again. Also for learning how to manage pain and what to do about limb sores from other amputees. Although there are a slew of comments and “opinions” flying around in the groups, be sure to always talk to your Dr. if you think it is serious.

Why keep a list? I found it hard to keep track of conversations and people that you may have clicked with during a post. By keeping a list you can keep track of which ones gave the best Amputee tips, which ones gave the best Amputee resources for exercises, etc., etc., etc.

My best advice here is to choose your top 3 that make you feel better after you leave! Then, delete the rest.

Other online support groups: Amputee Coalition (USA) | Amputee Coalition of Canada | Amputee Coalition of Toronto | MORE COMING SOON...

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