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Amputee Support Groups

Why should I go to an amputee support group?  

During my first year as an amputee, I joined every online group I found or was invited too. Goal was to learn fast, breeze through rehab and recover ASAP.  I soon learned that some support groups were better than others.  (oh and that everyones timeline is different)

Support groups on Facebook can be a great place to learn about new prosthetic feet, or exercises, tips for learning how to manage pain and more. 
Caution: comments are personal opinions, not professional advice to your specific condition/problem.  Always talk to your Dr. first.

In person group meetings. We are now finally able to meet in person again, although some still wish to meet on zoom.  In Ottawa, we had a weekly support group "coffee date" at the rehabilitation facility every Friday during our lunch break.  I was a bit shy but learned quickly that we were all the same, just different stories.


My best advice for online support groups it to choose one that always makes you feel better at the end of the meeting than when you first got there.  

Other online support groups: Amputee Coalition (USA) | Amputee Coalition of Canada | Amputee Coalition of Toronto

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