Socket Socks

Stride with Pride and Style!

Custom fit covers that ADORN your prosthetic

Be a Socket Socks ambassador and help us with our mission

If you love this product and feel that you want to share it with others, we would love your support in doing so.  It is as simple as wearing your Socket Socks covers, take pics doing stuff or trying on clothes or just sitting/hanging out... Then share on your social media and tag us.

As you know we are a new company and getting the word out is our goal.  Word of mouth is huge part in any business.  During the first year we are looking for a handful of representatives on social media to help (test the product) promote and share with other amputees that there are fashion options out there. 

Also ambassadors will receive a special code that will donate a portion of the sales to their charity of choice.

See bottom of page for how to reach us... 

We need YOU. Are you Ambassador material?

"I can't wait to get dressed every morning now" Kays

Meet Kay, admin for "Amptee support group in N.W. Ontario".  Helping many with growing a network and family in this group.  Thank you Kay.

"I will run with pride at the Boston Marathon" Tom

Tom has been a supporter from the beginning.  My first customer and biggest supporter.   Good luck April 15th in the Boston marathon!

"Rocking my Socket Socks cover" Christine

Meet Christine, she is a survivor of sepsis and a big advocate for sepsis awareness.  

She loves the option to wear her personality, a peaceful, fun and amazing person she is!

Customers Comments

Kay received her new below knee prosthetic leg covers and wanted to share her thoughts.   

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