Amputees with style!

Custom fit Prosthetic Leg covers

I am enough, just the way I am... "stumped"


Our mission

STAND UP and be noticed for your courage, not your disability!  Wear your Socket Socks sleeve with pride and wait for the positive comments and questions to come your way. We see our scars as a badge of honour,  we made it!   As amputees we can do anything we set our minds to.  

We want you to stand up with pride



"For the first time since loosing both my legs I was excited to open my closet and choose an outfit to wear" Kay

"I love the fact that my Socket Sock matches my outfit, I am now proud of my situation" 


Q. Do I need to order this through my Prosthetist?

Answer: No, Socket Socks covers can be ordered by the user.  It is very easy to order, just a few measurements and you are done.  See video on how to measure.  We guarantee fit and customer satisfaction.  Our covers are custom fit to look like a finished vinyl socket but can be changed within 2 min.  

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Socket Socks

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