The Founder & CEO, Joan MacDonald

Prosthetic Leg Covers

As a recent amputee I am delighted to share Socket Socks covers with the world.  My goal is to support & encourage all amputees to stand up with pride in themselves and the new life they are embracing.

"This product has changed MY physical and mental outlook in this new life"

My Mission is to inspire amputees world-wide with flexible, comfortable and affordable prosthetic clothing accessories.  It is our desire that on a daily basis amputees stand up within their communities with courage, confidence and Style.

We encourage you to try Socket Socks covers and experience the positive looks and comments that will come your way.

"Stride with Pride and Style Daily!"

Prosthetic Leg Covers

Our Quality Products

Guess what...  Great news! 

You can add more 'Style' to your wardrobe, just by slipping on a designer cover from Socket Socks. Life is good, you can now get dressed and match a Socket Socks cover to your outfit or even your mood.  This product will brighten your day. 

We offer Custom fit covers that ADORN your prosthetic.   We have patent pending on all our cover patterns, they are tested and guaranteed to fit.  

Get yours today!  Or Gift one to someone you love to help them Stride with Pride and Style!  

Prosthetic Leg Covers

What Customers are saying

"For the first time since loosing both my legs I was excited to open my closet and choose an outfit to wear" 

"I love the fact that my Socket Sock matches my outfit" 

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