Stride with Pride & Style!

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Why buy a fabric prosthetic cover?

1. Cover a boring test socket.
2. Give an old socket a new look.
3. Choose a colour or print to match your fave outfit.
4. Protect your clothing from snagging on test sockets or BOA socket knobs.
5. And for KIDS... Because dressing up is is just so much FUN!

Which covers is best for YOU
  • How to choose a size?

    Every product has a link to the "Size Chart". After measuring your socket, choose the size that best suits your measurements.
    *If your size isn't represented, add your measurements to the "notes" at check out.
    We guarantee fit!

  • Do you have Custom print options?

    At this time we do not have a printing company to do so (yet). But in the meantime visit our "Custom Print" option under products to see what designs you can add to a cover.
    *RealTree Camo print covers coming soon, along with custom print options.

  • Do you have deals for Quad amputees?

    Yes we do, send me an email for the special code (buy one get one 50% off). This will be available when you buy two of the same style and colour cover.

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  • Kays "Canada"

    "Thank you for giving me options for getting dressed in the morning.
    Today when we were out fly fishing my Below Knee Sleeve covers protected my liners from getting dirty, a win win day!"

  • Mia "Australia"

    From Mia's Mom "When my 6 year old received your covers, she said to me for the first time since loosing her legs "I can't wait to put my legs on".

    Thank you for creating such a fun products for adults AND kids."

  • Joan "Founder of Socket Socks Ltd."

    I loved the idea of trying on different colours and designs for my prosthetic before having to choose only one final design for my laminated socket.
    phew, no pressure!

    And now look at the many options I have every day when getting dressed.

  • Ko "Japan"

    Thank you Socket Socks for creating this one-of-a-kind cover for me to wear as the 2021 Olympic Torch Bearer. I was so happy to represent my country in this way.

Amputee Exercise Programs for beginners to adaptive runners alike.

Exercises for Amputees

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