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covers for your prosthetic

covers for your prostheticcovers for your prostheticcovers for your prosthetic

Face masks

We are offering 100% cotton face masks

Get one FREE with every cover order 

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NEW Prosthetic covers

NEW Prosthetic covers

NEW Prosthetic covers

Get yours today.  Our covers slip on your prosthetic as easy as a sock.  Every day we stride with pride as amputees, now we can add "STYLE" to the list.  

We have a patent pending on all our cover patterns.  Get yours today! or Gift to someone you love!


Your Socket Style

NEW Prosthetic covers

NEW Prosthetic covers

Great news!  "Getting dressed and matching a cover to your outfit or mood, is now possible".

We have Prosthetic covers for Above Knee, Below Knee, Arm Prosthetic.

Whats your Style?

prosthetic leg covers

Kids covers too!

NEW Prosthetic covers

Kids covers too!

Meet Mia from Australia,  wearing our kids flames covers.

"when Mia received her new Socket Socks covers, she could not wait to put her legs on" (read more of her story here)

Coming soon: NEW "Dress UP Boxes" with covers with tutu's, Batman capes...

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