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Below Knee covers

prosthetic covers below knee double amputee above knee

Each cover is custom made for you, our covers are made of spandex/lycra material.  They fit like a glove around every curve and bend in your Socket.

How to put them on: pull them up over your foot like you do your socks, the elastic at the top of the Socket Socks cover holds onto the top of your socket, the bottom is also elasticized hugging the bottom of the socket.

We have a patent pending on all our cover patterns.  Get yours today! or Gift to someone you love!

Prosthetic Legs don't have to be boring. Being an amputee is our new life, lets embrace it together and have a little fun while were at it.  Life is too short!

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Above Knee covers

prosthetic covers below knee double amputee above knee

Above knee prosthetic leg covers come in 2 designs (high rise and low rise).  Our designers will choose the appropriate one according to your measurements.

See videos on HOW TO MEASURE your socket.

All covers are guaranteed to fit!

Great news! You can add to your wardrobe with a click of a purchase, "Getting dressed and matching a cover to your outfit or mood, brightens my day every day".  ie. today is a pirate day as I attend a board meeting.

Happy Day to you, Joan (owner)

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Youth superstars!

prosthetic covers below knee double amputee above knee

One of the reasons Socket Socks is Rocking the Amputee world... Above is an amazing superstar, Mia from Australia.  She was our first youth superstar to wear our covers.  

Her mother sent me this personal message... "when Mia received her new Socket Socks prosthetic leg covers she couldn't wait to put her legs on - sense becoming a dbl amputee at age 6" 

(read more of her story here)

 Help us show the world who, what and why Socket Socks covers are worth a try!

Uplifting, Fun, Affordable....

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