Show your pride in being an amputee, with a unique Prosthetic Cover!

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Do you hide your prosthetic?

" I know how exhausting it is to have people feeling sympathetic about your amputation "

Change the language and conversations around your dissability.

" You deserve the respect and admiration for being your own Hero. You survived!  Tell your story through a custom prosthetic cover "

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"We all know how a test socket can look like a big band-aid, and how it snags your clothes."

While waiting for your new definitive socket, try one of our covers, like this "Mermaid" below knee cover.

YOU deserve affordable options for the look of your prosthetic devices.

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Let others know you are proud of your new leg, new life.  Start your collection of prosthetic covers, choose a different look Monday to Friday.

Meet the founder and CEO

Joan MacDonald (originally from Hawaii) started the business of custom made prosthetic covers after losing her leg in 2018...

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Choose any cover to show your style and personality.

We offer many prosthetic cover options, from seasonal holiday designs, solid colors to hip and trendy prints to adorn YOUR socket.

Amputee Statistics:

In the USA, Canada, and Australia, there are over 2.5 million amputees. 

In the next 3 years, it has been projected that with just below knee amputations, these numbers will grow by 7% annually. 

Did you know that only approximately 80% of amputees own a prosthetic,  67% of those “Wear their prosthetic daily” & 12% are less than satisfied with the prosthetics appearance.

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Get ready for a change in conversation when someone wants to ask you about your prosthetic. 

They will ask you about the Cool Design, instead of how you lost your leg.